A Tibetan Monk blesses the deer that gather around him and someone snaps a picture. Upon viewing the picture they notice a rainbow had appeared.
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22nd April is an Earth Day.
As environmentalist, I believe that every day should be an Earth Day but 22nd April I consider to be the major celebration. I usually spend this day outdoors and watch 'Home' which is my favorite environmental documentary.
That’s what planet Earth is to all of us. Our home. And we treat our home with respect, right? Because it’s the only one we’ve got.
However, I see more and more people becoming more aware of current environmental issues and behaving in a way to make the world a better place. I believe that every act of kindness COUNTS and there is definitely a bright future ahead of us.
Happy Earth Day everyone!
God bless, and keep on smiling!

Coconut yogurt with cranberries… Yummy



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photograph is worth a thousand words
its powerful
Nobody is born a racist.
omg, this should be relboged millions of times.
nobodys born racist, society teaches it

this is beautiful